Dynamic-Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaption workshop - Patricia Crittenden and Andrea Landini

FALL 2023 in Iceland
Tengslamat is proud to announce three training courses in the Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaption for fall 2023. The courses will be facilitated by Patricia M. Crittenden Ph.D. and Andrea Landini M.D.

The Dmm model. As a strengths-based developmental model of adaptation,the DMM offers an age-related array of self-protective strategies. It emphasizes the dynamic interaction of the maturation of the human organism across the lifespan, with the contexts in which maturation possibilities are used to protect the self, reproduce and protect one’s progeny.

Attachment, Neurodevelopment and Psychopathology (ANP) 20-23 October 2023 This course focuses on the development, prevention and treatment of psychological disorder from infancy to adulthood. It combines theory, human development, assessment, case examples, and treatment applications to reframe maladaptive behavior as strategies for self-protection. The course emphasizes the process of adaptation and developmental pathways that carry risk for psychopathology. The course is a DMM overview and a prerequisite for other courses.

Infant Care Index (ICI) 24.-26. October 2023 + 3 online days The Infant CARE-Index is a useful, portable tool for a wide range of Health and Social Care professionals whose work involves assessing and mounting interventions to improve parent-child interaction in the first 15 months of the child’s life. It is suitable for use with families of all backgrounds and cultures, as well as with infants and toddlers, including those with developmental challenges such as physical and learning disabilities.

Toddlers CARE-Index (TCI) 28. November – 2. December 2023 + 5 online days The Toddlers CARE-Index (TCI) is a clinical and research tool used to screen for risk and guide intervention in normative and at-risk dyads. The TCI assesses child attachment and adult-infant interaction from 15-72 months using 5-minute videorecorded play interactions