Combating loneliness and social isolation for the older adults

What do we know about loneliness and social isolation among the older adults in the Nordic countries? What are the consequences of involuntary loneliness and what does research in the field say? Which interventions have a good effect in combating loneliness and social isolation?

Welcome the Nordic Welfare Centre´s webinar where some of the leading researchers in the Nordic region give their views on these matters.

We will also present other recent research and interventions on loneliness and social isolation from the Nordic countries. The webinar will be held in the webinar platform Zoom.

Further information and registration:

Presenters at the webinar:
Lena Dahlberg, associate professor of social work, Dalarna University, Sweden

Carin Lennartsson, sociologist and researcher, Aging Research Center (ARC), Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Lina Kumlin, senior planning architect, WSP, Sweden

Halldór S. Guðmundsson, associate professor of social work, University of Iceland and general manager of Akureyri nursing home, Iceland

Marja Aartsen, research professor, OsloMet, Norway

Thomas Hansen, research professor, OsloMet, Norway

Dominique Hauderowicz, architect, architectural studio dominique + serena, Denmark

Anu Jansson, manager, The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People, Finland